For Remote Format you need to download the windows and run the remote software give our Support Team the remote id and password, and we will take it from there.
Please Make a appointment with our team.
if you no sure how to do it u can follow the Step Below


Check Windows Version.

if you not sure what windows version are using you can download this tool to check.

Download Windows

Choice the folder follow by the windows version you using.

there is 2 option u can choice, some unstable network may have problem to download single big files. there you can choice to download multi-files.
Single Big Files Around 12~13G
multi-files 5 files Total Files Size Around 12~13G, Files 01~03 is 4G each, 04 Around 500~700MB.


Download Remote Software

Download Teamviewer or Anydesk.


Provide Your ID and Password on your PC to our Support Team. And We will take it From there.